Cain's Quest 2016

Cain’s Quest Snowmobile Endurance Race has been described as the ultimate in extreme racing. At 3500km of high energy racing in 2016, this race is the longest race of its kind in the world and promises to keep race fans on the edge of their seat. Cain’s Quest is a true northern adventure that gives racers the experience of a life time.  Racers push body and machine to the limits in an all out race to the finish for a shot at a hefty prize purse. Teams of two leave the start line pumped with adrenaline and an eye on the prize.  Some, with a “take no prisoners” attitude, may quickly learn that when the going gets tough, sportsmanship and help from a competing team is often what it takes to make it through. The race runs day and night guided by GPS and gut instinct to get teams from checkpoint to checkpoint. This event requires a solid strategy, top gun riding skills, the will to keep going, a tough, dependable snowmobile, and a whole lot of luck! 

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First Place Team:
Maine Racing, Team 22
Second Place Team:
Where's Bow Cycle?, Team 3
Third Place Team:
Abel's Revenge, Team 67

Abel's Revenge, Team 67
Joey Lukan (Veteran)
Robert Newton (Veteran)

Team 5 Goose Bay, Team 5
Tyson Russell (Rookie)
Mark Simms (Veteran)

Team Ungava, Team 8
Jason Aitchison (Rookie)
Simeonie Berthe (Veteran)

Innu Hawks, Team 00
Aaron Poker (Veteran)
Len Rich (Veteran)

Innu, Team 70
George Tshakapesh (Rookie)
Sebastian Rich (Veteran)

On the Throttle, Team 9
Mark Tinkham (Veteran)
Jeff Crann (Veteran)

Nord Cotier, Team 36
Jean Francois Tremblay (Veteran)
Reginald Tremblay (Veteran)

Benuen's, Team 32
Edmund Benuen (Rookie)
Sebastian Benuen (Veteran)

Wild Nordic Finald, Team 66
Arto Jauhianen (Rookie)
Sami Paivike (Rookie)

Labrador South Racing, Team 62
Joseph Hancock (Veteran)
Myles O'Brien (Veteran)

Callahan-Rodgers, Team 55
Barry Callahan (Veteran)
George Rodgers (Veteran)

Malleck Boys, Team 99
Didier Malleck (Rookie)
Randy Malleck (Veteran)

Where's Bow Cycle?, Team 3
Warren Alsip (Rookie)
Dion Wakefield (Rookie)

Cartwright Orange Eagles, Team 24
Barry Dyson (Rookie)
Dwight Lethbridge (Rookie)

Powell-Juszku, Team 16
Tony Powell (Rookie)
Wesley Juszku (Rookie)

Team Nain, Team 59
Sidney Dicker (Veteran)
Joey Angnatok (Veteran)

Team Manteu, Team 30
David Manteu Nui (Rookie)
John Nui (Veteran)

Team Branded Clothing, Team 83
Phil Fry (Rookie)
Chris Lacey (Rookie)

Team Postville, Team 20
Dennis Jacque (Rookie)
Leon Jacque (Rookie)

Nunavik Racing, Team 87
JR May (Veteran)
Edward Watkins (Veteran)

Team Maine Racing, Team 22
Andrew Milley (Veteran)
Robert Gardner (Veteran)

Aivek, Team 94
Conrad Jenkis (Rookie)
Guy Bertrand (Veteran)

Labrador Adrenaline, Team 17
Dave Dumaresque (Veteran)
Shannon Strangemore (Veteran)

Frenchie's Outdoor Shack, Team 69
Broderick Barney (Rookie)

Wayne King (Veteran)

Southern Snow Riders, Team 88
Scott Biddle (Veteran)
Dwayne Helmer (Veteran)

Team 1 More, Team 91
Corey Chatman (Veteran)
Steven Chatman (Veteran)

CSR Racing, Team 6
Jamie Butt (Rookie)
Gary Travers (Veteran)

Northern Peninsula Racing, Team 33
Scott Wiseman (Rookie)
Sheldon Wiseman (Veteran)

Team Brudder I'm Stuck, Team 82
Ryan Leaman (Rookie)
Bradley Leaman (Veteran)

Nui Boys, Team 98
Marck (Pokue) Nui (Veteran)
Clarence Nui (Veteran)

Team Kyson, Team 29
Perry Dyson (Veteran)
Mark Nui (Veteran)

Team Yamie Cat, Team 18
Jimmy McDonald (Rookie)
Jerry Puchner (Veteran) 

Capital Crane/Team Maine, Team 44
Jason Paul (Veteran)
Dixon Clements (Veteran)

Team Bernice, Team 01
Gregory Rich (Rookie)
Andre Rich (Rookie)

Team Yamaha, Team 86
Randy Winter (Veteran)
Rick Burke (Veteran)

Team Makkovik, Team 72
Roy Martin (Veteran)
Errol Andersen (Veteran)


First Place: Team Maine Racing, 22
Second Place: Team Where's Bow Cycle, 03
Third Place: Team Abel's Revenge, 67

Hometown Team:
Team Mary's Harbour Backcountry Riders, 85